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All You Need To Know About Domain Hacks

Though the word ‘hack’ may not bring to mind anything good, today domain hacks are very popular. They do not involve the breaking into aspect that we might suspect and instead mean a creative play with words that uses extensions in order to make words and phrases. An example can be seen with the ccTLD.it for Italy. There are domain hacks available such as ‘say.it’ and ‘welove.it’ that make use of the pronoun ‘it’ which is widely used in the English language. They can be very useful for your company/organisation due to their memorable nature but, if not used or marketed right, they can have a wide range of difficulties.

How can you obtain a Domain Hack?
Registering a domain hack is the same as registering any other domain name. You must still abide by ccTLD/gTLD restrictions that come with your extension of choice. Some countries will require a local presence before you can register. It is important to make sure you read the terms to avoid disappointment. Prices of such domain names are usually cheaper than using the generic.com that is so widely used. The reason for this is that they make use of international domains. BB-Online had a massive range of such international domains available for purchase.

How to choose the right name?
It can be difficult to choose a good name, but here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Keep it short. This will help it be more easily remembered. An example is with ‘blo.gs’.
2. Remember you can use sub domains. The best way to explain this is with the website ‘del.icio.us’ who registered ‘Icio.us’. Once they had this domain name, they added the sub domain ‘del.’.
3. If possible, acquire a name that is also present in other TLDs such as.com..com will have higher traffic and will be more easily listed in Google.
4. Make use of keywords where possible, especially keywords with a high PBR percentage.
5. BE CREATIVE! Most of the simple or ‘easy’ domain hacks have already been taken so don’t expect it to be easily. Jot down ideas that you come across and don’t give up.

What if my desired Domain Hack is taken?
Don’t panic. Like previously said: Be creative! However, if you have a domain hack in mind and are unwilling to settle for anything else, there are some options available. Firstly check whether the domain is on auction. Prices for good domain hacks can rise up to frightening prices so be careful. You can also sign up with a domain backorder service, such as provided by Domain Recover. This allows you to monitor the domain name and when it is not renewed it is ‘caught’ as soon as it becomes available. You only have to pay if the domain name is successfully backordered.

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